What is a Keyword?

Create a group name, and get new mobile Subscribers to opt-in with a Keyword.

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The first item of business that you will want to do, is create a Keyword. A Keyword is used to get new mobile subscribers who will text your Keyword to your designated number on their mobile phones to opt-in as one of your new subscribers.

Keywords can not be changed.  Once you decide what your Keyword is going to be, it is permanent. A Keyword can be up to 20 characters long, letters or numbers are fine. Just no spaces.

Next, after you type in your desired Keyword, the process will ask you: "How many messages per month can your subscribers expect to receive?" You will need to fill in a number at this point. Again this field can not be changed once you save your Keyword.

Finally, you will create a opt-in welcome message. This is the first out-going text message your subscribers will see as soon as they text your Keyword to your designated phone number. This welcome message can be changed and updated as much as you like.  


"What if I just need more Keywords?"
No worries, we got you covered. With any of the plans you can always just purchase more Keywords at anytime without having to upgrade. You can purchase as many Keywords as you like. Extra Keywords are $5 per month.

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