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Having trouble finding the Search Toolbar?

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Textedly has a powerful Search toolbar that will help you find any Subscriber you need inside your Textedly account.

In the top Search section, you can search by Mobile Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, City, State, Company Name, and Tags.

Searching for Tags you created is particularly powerful. You can use the Search section to search your Tags to help identify and group your Subscribers. And then you can send your Text Messages just to that hyper-targeted group. For more information on Tag Words, click the button below.

You can also search for Area Code. For example, if you want to pull up all your Subscribers who have a 615 Area Code, you can do that in the Area Code section, and then send a Text Message just to that hyper-targeted group by clicking on the blue "Send Message To" button at the bottom of the filtering panel. The same would also apply to the Zip Code search section.

You also have the option to filter your subscribers by Keyword, Contact Status (subscribed or unsubscribed contacts), With or Without a name, and Duplicates. Additionally, you can sort your subscriber list by Date Added, or by Ascending / Descending order.

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