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Use Tags to group your Subscribers
Use Tags to group your Subscribers

Learn how to use this powerful feature to send to groups.

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Tags are a powerful feature that will enable you to hyper-target your Subscribers, and send your text messages to just a partial list of Subscribers. You can subgroup your contacts within your Keyword and text smaller batches or intermixed groups of contacts from different Keywords, rather than having to text one whole Keyword list!

To subgroup your contacts, you will want to add tag words to your contacts in the "Tags" column (column J) of your .CSV file before uploading your lists. If you would like to add multiple tags to a number, you can do this by separating the Tag names with a comma and a space in the same cell. Ex: Pink, Green, Orange

If you've already uploaded a list, or if you need to download your current subscriber list from the dashboard, you can always re-import the file after adding tag words in column J and it will update all of your contacts with those tags. No need to unsubscribe anyone! 😊

You can add tags individually to a subscriber if you do not wish to upload an entire list by clicking on the subscriber's number, select "edit contact details", enter the tag in the "Tags" field, then save!

Here's how you'll send the message to a tagged group:
Now that your contacts are tagged, you can send a text to different groups without sending to everyone in your list combined.

  • Just go to the Contacts tab on the left-hand side of your screen, then from the Filters panel scroll down to where it says TAGS.

  • Click where it says 'Search Tags', and then click then click on the tag you're searching for. This should pull up only the subscribers with that tag.

  • Then, you will just scroll down and click the blue "Send Message to X Contacts" button. Don't select any Keywords here because the contacts you want to text are already selected. Then you can just compose your message like you normally would and scroll down to click the blue SEND NOW button to send your text

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