Sending a Photo, Video, or PDF File

Learn how to send Multimedia Messages.

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Textedly supports MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services). When composing a new text message and you want to include a photo, gif, or a PDF file, simply click the corresponding media type you would like to attach!

Your photo file must be one of the following: .JPG or .GIF or .PNG
Your photo must be under 5 MB in size.

Your video file can only be a .MP4 file.
Your video must be under 5 MB in size.

Your .PDF file must be under 5 MB in size.

Please note, video files have the best delivery results when sent as a link pasted directly in your message rather than as an attachment. Oftentimes, video files are difficult for mobile carriers to process due to the size of the file and can result in varied delivery results across your subscriber list.

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