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Want to active voice calls on your Textedly phone number?

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If you are on a dedicated Toll-Free phone number, or a 10DLC phone number (such as (615) 555-1234), you can activate your Textedly phone number to receive phone calls. Your Textedly phone number will now do text messaging and take phone calls.

Once you chose to activate your phone number, it can receive inbound phone calls. After activating, you will then forward your Textedly phone number to any phone number you want. Get unlimited minutes for life with no restrictions.

You can forward your dedicated Textedly phone number to a call center for example, where a live operator can answer the calls. This can be any phone number that you want to forward to. You can forward it to a voice mail, where your users will hear a message of your choice. You can forward your Textedly phone number to your mobile phone so that you never miss a call. Active Voice Calls on your Textedly phone number can be forwarded to any number of your choosing!


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