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Import your list of mobile numbers
Import your list of mobile numbers

How to upload your existing Subscriber's list to Textedly.

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Here are the instructions to import your list of mobile Subscribers.  

Click on the Contacts tab on the left side navigation bar. 

Next, you will see a button in the top right corner that says New Contact +.

Next, you will see two options:
Single Contact
Upload List

If you are new to Textedly, when you click on Upload List it will ask you to request to enable the Upload feature. Send us your request and Textedly will review it. If you are approved, you will see this feature enabled on your account within a few hours. Just be sure to refresh your screen to see these changes.

Keep in mind that if you signed up to Textedly with a free email account like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc... we rarely approve you having the Upload feature enabled on your account. Consider signing up to Textedly with your verified Business Email address.

Once your request to Upload is approved, you will now see that feature available to you in your account.

Please note that you must first create at least one Keyword inside your Textedly account before you can Upload your list.

Your list can only be in a .CSV file format in order to Upload. In row one of your .CSV file, the required headers are Phone, First Name, Last Name, Email, Address, City, State, Zip, Company Name, Tags. They need to be spelled exactly like we have in the example below. The only column header that is not required to include is Column K - "Birth Date".

The only required column to fill out is the Phone Number column. Other columns can be left blank or filled in. Here are the Phone Number formats we accept: 

(310) 555-5555 or 310-555-5555 or 3105555555 or 1310-555-5555

Here is an example .CSV file that would be properly Uploaded.

The List Upload feature is not available on the Free 14-day trial. You will need to be on one of our paid subscription plans to request this feature.

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