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Getting Started with Textedly Reviews
Getting Started with Textedly Reviews

Connect your review site and request reviews

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Maximizing customer reviews and your online rating on popular sites such as Google and Facebook is simple with Textedly. Conveniently located on one dashboard, Textedly allows you to send customer review invitations, maintain your presence on multiple sites, and most importantly, spend more time doing what you do best.

Before you can send out invitations for customer reviews, you'll need to connect review sites, such as Google. This is great for strengthening your business’s online reputation when potential customers look for local vendors in their area. Textedly can help you connect to both integrated and custom review accounts.

Before connecting Google Reviews to Textedly, please ensure that you have claimed and verified your business profile and ensure that you have owner or manager access to the Google Business Profile page.

Connecting your Google Business page

Navigate to the Reviews page on the left-hand side of your screen, click Settings, and then click Add Review Site under the review site icon. This will prompt you to log into your google account to connect your Google Reviews with Textedly. Once you have allowed access, you are ready to start requesting reviews. Easy as that!

How to Request a Review

Now that your Google account is connected to Textedly, getting reviews has never been easier.

To get started, click the Request Review button in the top right corner of the Reviews page.

Select the subscriber you would like to request the review from, select the number you are sending your review request from, and send!

If you would like to request a review from a larger group of subscribers, you can simply copy the link, paste it in your larger message blast, and watch the reviews start to roll in.

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