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Sales Tax

Learn how Textedly handle sales tax.

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As required by law, Textedly customers located in certain States in the United States may be subject to sales tax. This is based on your business or your organization location. If you purchase our service and are in a State that requires to charge a sales tax, you will see the sales tax calculated and added as a line item on your invoice. This sales tax gets processed, and the sales tax and is sent directly to each State. Not every State charges sales tax. If your State is not currently listed, then you will not be charged sales tax.

How Textedly calculates how much sales tax to charge?

Textedly has partnered with a third-party tax service that specializes in sales tax. When you sign up to Textedly's product, this tax service provides us with a tax calculation, based on your address that you must impute in your Textedly account settings. The sales tax is added to your invoice, and the sales tax is automatically remitted to the State you add as your address.

What States does Textedly collect sales taxes?

There are currently 19 States that require Textedly to collect sales tax. If you indicated you are located in one of the following States, you will need to pay sales tax.









New Mexico

New York



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota





Washington DC

West Virginia

If your State is not currently listed, then you will not be charged sales tax. As State requirements or eligibility rules change, more states may require Textedly to collect sales tax.

At that time, you may be asked to provide your address when you log into Textedly so that state sales tax can be calculated.

As you know, taxation rules and regulations change ever so often. As such, Textedly reserves the right to add or remove States without notice to comply with taxation rules.

Are you a tax exempt organization?

Some organizations, such as non-profits and government agencies may be exempt from sales tax depending on State tax guidelines. If you believe you are exempt from sales tax, please email us your tax exemption certificate to [email protected]

Our team will review your application and update your future invoices accordingly. Please note that you may still be charged sales tax for purchases made prior to your submission or when your tax exemption request is under review.

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