10DLC (10-digit long code) is a very special number such as 555-555-5555 that you can get from Textedly. 10DLC is a phone number that allows businesses and organizations to send a high-volume SMS and MMS text messages.

10DLC is the latest offering from ALL of the U.S. mobile carriers to support the growing ecosystem of businesses texting their customers while protecting end users from unwanted messages. This product started in 2021 and provides several benefits to you as a Textedly customer. Increased deliverability and increased SMS and MMS sending speeds. This is achieved as you build trust with the mobile carriers.

1. Better Deliverability

When you register your business and use case with The Campaign Registry, your messages will be pre-verified and they won't be labeled as potential spam.

That means your messages are sent on a carrier-approved route with the performance that you need and your messages will always reach your customers. Because 10DLC is sanctioned by mobile operators, there will be little or no blocking and throttling of messages.

2. Higher Throughput

When you are approved to use 10DLC you can send more messages per second.

As part of the trust process to use these awesome 10DLC phone numbers, you will be required to register your business or organization, as well as the text message campaigns that you plan to send. How do you register?

Textedly is a trusted provider of The Campaign Registry.

The Campaign Registry is a brand new entity in the U.S. SMS and MMS ecosystem whose purpose is to broker trust between all the mobile carriers and your business or organization. They are the only neutral third-party entity that will serve as the registry for your business or organization. The Campaign Registry will be the ones assigning you a Trust Score.

We have integrated with The Campaign Registry to meet the requirements of carriers while making it easy for your business or organization to onboard. Textedly will handle all interactions with The Campaign Registry on behalf of our customers. Once you are done onboarding, you will be assigned a Trust Score.

To use these powerful 10DLC phone numbers to send SMS and MMS text messages, there is a cost for The Campaign Registry and that is still being worked out.

The registration process can take as little as a day if you use the Textedly 10DLC self-service toll. There's almost no paperwork on your part. As part of the registration processes we will need certain pieces of information regarding your business or organization.

Business or Organization Info

You'll need to prove:

  • Your company's legal name

  • Your brand name if it's not the same as the legal name

  • The country where you're registered

  • The legal form of the organization, i.e., publicly traded, private company, or charity/non-profit

  • Tax number/ID/EIN or SSN if you don't have a tax number

  • Full address

  • Website

  • Stock symbol and stock exchange

  • Vertical or industry

Your Use Case Info

You'll also need to provide some more information on your use case as well as five message examples. Here are some common use cases:

  • 2FA: any authentication, verification, or one-time passcode

  • Account notifications: messages sent to contacts about their account

  • Customer care: messages related to customer support

  • Delivery notifications: information about orders and deliveries

  • Fraud alert messaging: alerting customers to potential fraud

  • Higher education: campaign sent by universities or colleges, can also include school districts and other education institutions

  • Low-volume mixed: small amounts of mixed-use case messaging for a demo or test campaign

  • Marketing: any messaging that promotes your products or services

  • Mixed: when you plan on using a mixture of different use cases

  • Polling and voting: non-political voting and surveys

  • Public service announcement: mass messaging to alert contacts to information that is of importance

More Questions? Contact Us

Our awesome Customer Support Team is ready to help you get onboard with this awesome new service and make the process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please reach to your Customer Success Manager or start a chat in the bottom right-hand corner.

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